There are many different types of events but they all have common aspects that overlap. Room size, or venue size, is one of them.

The size of a room can leave plenty of ‘space’ for awkward moments.  I recommend going small, without being overcrowded. Even if you have 100% of your guests show up, 50 people in a room for 100 will always look empty. For an event where you want people to party, this will definitely help get your guest onto the dancefloor.

But lets face it, sometimes it’s out of our hands, so here are a few tips to help create the illusion of a fuller room.

  • Use dividers to restrict where people can go. This could be a curtain of some sort, or you could even use tables as a ‘barrier’ to stop people.
  • Turn the lights off where you don’t want people to be. Most halls will have lights grouped into sections.
  • Bring everything closer. Move tables so your guests can chat with someone close by. I, as a DJ, like to move (forward) closer to the dancefloor. No-one likes to dance behind the DJ.


Here is one last tip… Tell people to get closer!

Yes, it sounds so simple but not many do it. People need to be told what to do, hence why you have an MC (I’ll touch on MC’s in my next blog). Whether it’s a professional or just a close friend, invite everyone to the dancefloor. If it’s your birthday there’s a very good chance people will listen to you, so grab that mic and make sure to follow through with some great moves.