As restrictions ease and events slowly make a come-back, the reality is that times are tough for everyone and people will be cutting costs, not necessarily by asking for discounts, but by avoiding certain services that they may not see as ‘essential’.

So which of us suppliers are essential? Who can’t miss the party?

Will DJ ‘Spotify’ replace me as a DJ?
Will that loud family member, who thinks he’s funny, replace the professional MC? I hope not.

I don’t ask this to scare any business owners, I say this as I wonder, maybe now is an important time to remind customers why our service is a vital part of their event.
I think now is a good time to change the type of content we put out on our socials so that customers understand the importance of each of our unique services.

I’ve just scrolled through Instagram to find an example.

I see a business that supplies grazing tables.
Anyone would probably think ‘I can do that’, that was my first thought, but in addition to an image of a beautifully presented grazing table they should show the time and effort that goes into it. Show that creating these tables is an art that takes time, time that the client does not have. People need to understand that they are hiring years of experience alongside the ‘product’.

Give people a behind-the-scenes look into the preparation of what you do.
I’ve seen businesses do this on their Instagram story but not share it as a post. Don’t be afraid. Try it out.

So let me ask you, is your service a must-have?
Tell us why.

My dog’s crying cause she wants her morning walk.