I want to write about specific categories so I’ll start with my own and get our suppliers input on theirs.
With 15 years of experience, there is plenty I could write about but let’s answer one simple question. Should I get a DJ for my event?

I think weddings go without say. You definitely need a DJ at a wedding, but what about the small house party, the Christening at the local community hall, or how about the kids’ sports gala day?
I’ve had the pleasure of both attending these events as a guest and as a DJ, and in short, yes you should get a DJ.

Let’s expand.

One of the best memories I have that relates to this topic is from many years ago in an apartment across Manly beach. After a successful event of about 20 people, the host came to thank me and mentioned how they were unsure about hiring a DJ for such a small gathering but happy with their choice.

Here’s why.

Constant music in the background eliminates awkward silence, especially if you can not attend to your guests all at once. Even a set playlist from your computer can have awkward silence between songs.

The ‘right’ music can set the mood and the right DJ can make this happen. The style of music playing can tell the crowd to ‘chill’ while the food gets served or to get up and start dancing.

There’s nothing harder than doing a job with the wrong tools, and this is no exception.

A DJ can supply the adequate sound system required to suit your event, dancefloor lights to get the party started, and microphone to avoid those people in the back not hearing the speech or announcements.
I’ve even had to set up for a small live band to plug into my speakers and cue songs for dance performances, without a DJ this would not have gone so well.

Even without a microphone, I can hear some of you saying “but Chris, that’s a big expense I can’t afford”, and it’s a fair call.
I won’t debate it, instead, let me give you a different option that may help both you and a fellow DJ.

Hire the gear!
Here’s a thought, ask the DJ if he/she would be willing to hire their gear, which could cost you half the price and leave the rest to DJ Spotify.
With DJs already having a hard time during Covid-19 this may be a great alternative for a bit of income.

What’s your own experience been like?

I’d love to get your comments if I’ve been the DJ at your event.